It’s Been Awhile

Well, if that isn’t an understatement! Things have been humming along around here. In fact, I’m at the WordCamp conference this weekend with Blue Storm Creative, Keller Digital and Nolan Lemos. While I’m bowing at the altar of WordPress, here are some cool things that are currently afloat at The Farm. Continue reading “It’s Been Awhile”

Make Your Mark Winner’s Logo Complete!

Back in spring of 2012 when we announced the then Altadena Urban Farmers Market as the MAKE YOUR MARK winner, we had no idea what the branding journey for such an innovative non-profit organization was going to be like. Continue reading “Make Your Mark Winner’s Logo Complete!”

Bringing Cheer to Your Holiday Marketing

thethinkfarm-blog-holidayAs we Americans are mere days away from Thanksgiving, some may say that it’s rather late in the game to start strategizing for holiday-oriented marketing. As a small business owner myself, I know all too well the stresses of wearing multiple hats and having things like the holidays “suddenly” sneak up on you. Continue reading “Bringing Cheer to Your Holiday Marketing”

Potato, Potahto. Tomato, Tomahto.

Ok, ok. Before we call the whole thing off, let’s simmer down and talk this through.

As Ella and Louis demonstrated (jump to the end to see what I mean), two people (or two groups of people) getting on the same page is no simple task. The client-designer dynamic is a case in point. Continue reading “Potato, Potahto. Tomato, Tomahto.”

Foundations of a Powerful Logo

Sarah “Mac” spearheading the branding exploration meeting
Sarah “Mac” spearheading the branding exploration meeting
People often think of the logo development process as a purely visual, design-based pursuit. In truth, the most effective, long-lasting logo systems are those that stem from a thorough exploration of the organization’s DNA. Before talk of color schemes or typography even surface, key questions about the organization’s essence need to be asked. Continue reading “Foundations of a Powerful Logo”

Magic Sauce: We Apply It Liberally

Photo by Jake Rushing
Photo by Jake Rushing

Sarah “Mac” McGowan (of this here Mac+Cob Business Therapy) and Helen Kim (The Think Farm) have been collaborating since they met just a few years ago. Maybe there was something in the air or more probably it was the coffee — but either way, some kind of magical synergy was formed Continue reading “Magic Sauce: We Apply It Liberally”

MAKE YOUR MARK: What Makes Our Finalists Tick?

In the final week of voting for the MAKE YOUR MARK brand giveaway, we asked our finalists to answer the following three questions:


TheThinkFarm MakeYourMark 1The MAKE YOUR MARK team is super excited to announce our incredible finalists! We love the fact that, corporately, they provide Angelenos and those beyond our city borders a wide array of services and opportunities as well as new ways to interact with others with compassion, creativity and openness. Continue reading “MAKE YOUR MARK Finalists!”