Countdown to MAKE YOUR MARK!

We have less than a week before the application deadline for MAKE YOUR MARK! The application is so simple, though, that there is plenty of time for LA non-profits to get in on the action. We are selecting one final winner that will be taken through a two-month rebranding process Continue reading “Countdown to MAKE YOUR MARK!”

Dr. Brandey Dollens: How Branding Helped My Business

TheThinkFarm Brandey Dollens 1
I don’t think of myself as an average chiropractor. Before I fell in love with chiropractic, I was a professional dancer and suffered many of the injuries common to dancers and athletes. I discovered chiropractic as a way to heal my own body and found it was the most effective tool for recovery. Continue reading “Dr. Brandey Dollens: How Branding Helped My Business”