Foundations of a Powerful Logo

Sarah “Mac” spearheading the branding exploration meeting
Sarah “Mac” spearheading the branding exploration meeting
People often think of the logo development process as a purely visual, design-based pursuit. In truth, the most effective, long-lasting logo systems are those that stem from a thorough exploration of the organization’s DNA. Before talk of color schemes or typography even surface, key questions about the organization’s essence need to be asked. For example, what is the personality of the organization? What does it value? Where is it headed? This may seem pretty obvious but it’s surprising how often an eager organization looking to pull ahead skips the essential step of taking stock of itself, ending up with a logo that ultimately short-changes the organization’s message.

As The Think Farm gets into gear for our portion of the Make Your Mark giveaway, Mac + Cob Business Therapy has already put in long hours to develop a blueprint for the Altadena Urban Farmers Market logo redesign. Sarah “Mac” of Mac + Cob guided a few of the AUFM team members through an enlightening brand exploration exercise, then distilled all the core beliefs, visions and intentions into a cohesive brand strategy. Starting the logo development process from this angle ensures that we focus on and capture the heart and soul of AUFM. This in turn will lead to a finalized logo system that spreads the organization’s core message in a powerful, focused way.

The Think Farm and Justin Bilow of AUFM will soon discuss aesthetic values and perspectives to get on the same design page and start honing in on what keywords such as community, sustainability and innovation should look like in the context of AUFM. This next month of logo redesign is sure to be an adventure and we’re very excited!

Take a look at some logos designed by The Think Farm on our Pinterest board. We can’t wait to add the new AUFM logo to our board! Did we mentioned that we’re excited?!