N is for Nichelle Nicols

I whipped up this little ditty for a science fiction ABeDeCeDary on The Last Bookstore‘s blog DWARF+giant.


Eric Larkin, editor and writer-in-chief, waxes poetic about the lady who would be N:

“N – Nichelle Nichols – Her presence as a bridge officer in the original Star Trek in the 1960s had a sci fi meta-effect on real life. It was the realization of what had surely been a “What if..?” for African Americans and for women … The on-screen kiss between Uhura and Kirk was the first interracial kiss on TV. And as if her work on the show was not enough, NASA actually hired her to recruit women and minorities. From playing in an imagined future to leading us into the real future, she is an example of the efficacy of science fiction as a tool for change – and she wrought that tool like a Space Boss Lady.”

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