Industrial Folk

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Industrial Folk are Lovejoy and Warren Ontiveros, urban homesteaders and beekeepers who have been keepin’ it real in Highland Park since 2009. Though Warren wears the hat of head administrator for the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District by day, he and his wife are passionate about all-natural, raw and unfiltered honey production. Warren even specializes in eco-friendly live bee removal. We need to save our bees, people!

Because this is literally a mom and pop shop, the logo was designed to be as intimate and down-to-earth as the enterprise itself. We wanted to make sure that their new branding reflected both Lovely and Warren as well as the neighborhood in which they live and produce.

Lovejoy, Warren and their adorable mini Industrious Folk!
Lovejoy, Warren and their adorable mini Industrious Folk!

Of course, they also needed collateral and labels to spread the word about their great work and products.

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As a thank you, Warren dropped by quarts of Industrial Folk honey sourced from bees hanging out in nearby Los Feliz as well as fresh olive oil from a local producer they work with. Both were savored till the very last drop!

Industrial Folk is currently on hiatus due to the arrival of the two littlest Ontiveroses a few years ago but you can find them on Facebook and Instagram