LA County Regional Park and Open Space District

The Think Farm-RPSOD-01

Warren Ontiveros, head of the Administration Section at the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District (RPOSD) as well as one-half of Industrious Folk, reached out for a redesign of their organizational logo. The redesign had to work well with the logo of the parent organization, the Department of Parks and Recreation, while also being visually set apart. It was important to the core team that the design provide a clear message about its vision and purpose while also reflecting LA County’s parks and open spaces. Because RPOSD often deals directly with the public, the logo also needed to resonate on a visceral level while maintaining the trustworthiness of a government entity. The Think Farm helped the team drill down to the essence of the organization: “providing funds for parks projects” to provide “trustworthy tranquility, adventure and newness” to the people of Los Angeles County. Rather than depict all the values and objectives that stakeholders identity as key message points in a literal way, a powerful brand should provide a clear, relatable theme and evoke a strong emotional connection.

RPOSD’s new logo uses a font that feels friendly and slightly nostalgic and the imagery depicts various aspects of nature with a vanishing point that speaks to a sense of openness and adventure. The colors are bold yet harmonious and fresh. The seal iteration of the logo is a nod to official government seals while the two horizontal versions allow for flexibility of use. The circular icon is easily identifiable and can be used separately on collateral, promotional materials and social media.

The Think Farm-RPSOD-02

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