The Best of 2016

It seems cliche but I find it helpful to take some time to look back at the last 12 months this time of year. I don’t know about you but if I didn’t take stock and get introspective every once in awhile, I just get steamrolled by the onward marching of time without lifting my head up to see what’s what.

2016 was the best of times and the worst of times but I will hover over the best for the duration of this post, if you don’t mind. To be honest, it was slow-going at The Farm this year due to some personal reasons but there were some really lovely highlights that I’m so pleased to share with you.
Hands-On Science Camp catalogue and t-shirt
Client: California Science Center Foundation

I had the great pleasure of creating the cover design and layout for the California Science Center’s annual summer science camp. I also designed the t-shirt that all the campers received. The designs had to be completed in early February in time for the camp to be advertised so my mind was on to other things by the time the camp itself started in mid-June. What a pleasant surprise it was to come across my t-shirt designs in a photo a friend Instagrammed of her son at the camp!
Ballads for Trying Times promotional poster
Client: The Singer and the Songwriter

I was given free reign to create a promotional poster for The Singer and the Songwriter and their latest EP, Ballads for Trying Times. I decided to create a line drawing based on the band’s incredibly evocative album cover. I love how simple yet dramatic it turned out.

Check out the duo, who themselves are incredible and evocative. They are currently touring the country.
Keeping It Real Together
Client: USC Department of Preventative Medicine and LA County Department of Public Health

2016 reunited The Think Farm with Business Therapy on a couple of projects, one of them being the complete branding overhaul for a sex-ed resource for Los Angeles students, teachers and parents provided in a partnership between USC and LA County. Business Therapy was responsible for the name, key copy and messaging while The Think Farm took care of all the visual and web elements to support the new brand platform.
Actors Compass
Client: Blue Storm Creative, Keller Digital, The Think Farm

This year, The Think Farm together with Blue Storm Creative and Keller Digital launched Actors Compass, a super intuitive web tool specifically for actors. It allows actors to highlight their most essential information and credits effectively for the eyes of industry professionals. The Think Farm has been responsible for all of the visual branding and creating newsletters, memes and blog posts. Really, 2016 was the year of the actor quote memes!
The Mitty at Cosmoprof Las Vegas
Client: Take My Face Off

2016 was also the year of The Mitty. I first met Mandy McIntosh, the genius behind The Mitty line of cleansing mitts and the founder of Take My Face Off, last year. The professional relationship continued to blossom well into this year and it culminated in Vegas as Mandy premiered The Mitty at Cosmoprof, an international cosmetics convention. The Think Farm created the full company brand and all the print collateral for the show, and also had the honor of creating the banners for TMFO’s booth. I of course had to take a little road trip to Vegas to see everything come together and celebrate Mandy’s monumental feat!
Take My Face Off has some grand plans for 2017 and I can’t wait to tag along on the adventure ahead.