Take My Face Off2019-05-01T15:46:34-07:00

Project Description

Client: Take My Face Off, Inc. (TMFO)

Category: Web Design, Brand Identity

Additional Services: Brand + Content Strategy, Consultation, Copywriting, Photo Editing

With Take My Face Off, The Think Farm had the wonderful challenge and pleasure of creating the brand identity, product packaging, website, and all related collateral from the ground up! Founder Amanda McIntosh invented The Mitty, a line of earth-friendly yet sophisticated alternatives to disposable wipes, and needed a clear, punchy visual language to communicate this new kind of beauty product.

From Amanda: “We’re working hard to create a completely new category [of beauty tools]. It’s great to be early to the party, but that means we face a huge challenge in educating beauty consumers as to why they need our product. Helen is our greatest asset in dealing with this fundamental challenge.”

Though the main feature of the website is the online store, its other major function is to clearly demonstrate the usefulness of the products, create a strong brand impression, and connect visitors on an emotional level to the brand’s narrative. The Think Farm relied heavily on photo images to drive the first point home but used graphics and brand assets so that the bold, fun brand style and personality tied the visual story together cohesively.