Keeping It Real Together2019-04-29T23:52:06-07:00

Project Description

Client: Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Adolescent and School Health Unit, University of Southern California Department of Preventive Medicine

Category: Brand Identity

Additional Services: Website

Keeping It Real Together (KIR-T) is a multi-agency collaborative that works to reduce and prevent teen pregnancy and STDs in Los Angeles County through school-based sexual health education, parent workshops, improved access to health services, and community involvement. In partnership with brand strategist Sarah McGowan Dear, The Think Farm provided a comprehensive branding package which included a preliminary exploration, brand toolkit with the organization’s mission, vision, and key messaging, and a full visual branding system. The font, a blocky, handwritten style with a chalk/pencil texture, was selected because the core stakeholders wanted a typography that was youthful and associated with school. The colorful hands coming together signify collaboration among multiple organizations, community, teamwork, and youth empowerment. The hands have a straight-forward and “standardized” look to communicate lasting reliability.

The Think Farm also designed the public-facing website as well as the member-only section of the site designed to provide resources for educators participating in the Keeping It Real Together school program.