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Project Description

Client: Chantal Moore Skin Therapy

Category: Brand Identity

Additional Services: Brand Development, Copywriting

Visual identity overhaul for Palm Springs-based celebrity makeup artist and esthetician Chantal Moore was a comprehensive brand development project from renaming her business (formally Chantal Moore Beauty) to establishing her mission statement and key messaging to fine-tuning the business’s tone and personality. The visual elements were inspired by the desert landscape and late 60s/early 70s design.

I made the sure that the process was fun, engaging, and empowering without feeling like a chore. This excerpt is from the final brand platform, written for Chantal as words of in-house inspriation rather than a direct public-facing message:

“She is the desert high priestess of transformation who will exorcise the demons from your skin and mind. She will infuse the soul of the desert into your skin for healing and renewal that is more than skin deep. You, like so many, will try to worship at your feed. To this she will say, ‘No, child. Worship the skin that is now yours.'”