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Project Description

Client: Tiffany Nesson

Category: Brand Identity

Other Services: Illustration, Collateral, Web Design

Tiffany is a wardrobe stylist and costume designer known for her great work but also her personal style–preppy with a slight boho edge, pops of color, and a pair of Oxfords. She wanted a brand identity that embodied her aesthetics and also showed her love for her craft. The Think Farm created a visual narrative that did just that, from the needle and thread that become her name in the main logo to the customized hangtag-like business cards to the personalized stationery that illustrates of her in go-to work gear.

On Tiffany’s portfolio website, illustrations of her hands at work and small details like the copyright information that looks like a clothing label peeking out from a seam add a dose of playfulness. The minimalist use of color puts the focus on the featured projects while also injecting vibrancy to the overall look.