Exploring New Horizons

The Think Farm-ENH-01

Exploring New Horizons is a unique outdoor residential education program for kindergarten through eight grade students. Annually, the program serves over 8,000 students from the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Coast. Offering sessions at three different campuses, and with each location largely operating independent of the others, Exploring New Horizons suffered from substantial inconsistencies in its visual identity that resulted in a lack of organizational cohesion and brand power.

Original logos
Original logos

Its brand redesign needed to accomplish three things: conceptualize a new logo based on the thematic spirit of the original, create a visual unity among all three campuses, and retain each campus’ uniqueness in order to preserve existing brand awareness specific to each campus.

Because many students participating in the program come from urban areas where there is little to no access to nature, The Think Farm chose to reimagine the sunburst element as seen through a window, tying in to the idea of new horizons as of yet unreached. Friendly and light-hearted yet bold fonts as well as warm yet bright colors were chosen. The main logo incorporated signature landmarks from each campus as silhouettes while individual campus logos featured their landmark as well as their location name.

The Think Farm-ENH-03

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