Project Description

Client: Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Marketplace

Category: Brand Identity

Originally called the Altadena Urban Farmers Market, the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Marketplace (ASNM) is a membership-based neighborhood marketplace that offers participants the chance to trade goods and services for federal dollars as well as time credits and other trading tools. As the market grew in popularity, it required a new strategy for growth and implementation as well as a new identity. The Think Farm worked in tandem with brand strategist Sarah McGowan Dear to unearth the organization’s core values and vision and package them into a cohesive brand which included the name change. Once our work was done, Justin Bilow of the brand exploration team said, “ASNM coordinate among the various sundry and unique marketplaces under a common theme, and this is represented in the logo design. It is symmetrically centered, and its borders point to four different directions, which can abstractly represent the different neighborhood-level marketplaces.”